Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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Here is where we'll list tips about the program as we learn what works best from our participants. Therefore, this is a good place to check-in every so often. Or if you're ready, subscribe to the RSS feed.
And when you have a good tip, please comment!


Jacqueline said...

As I worked through the "23 Things" I found it helpful to create a binder, print out the detailed instructions for each "thing" and keep a password/login cheatsheet for myself. Unless you use the same login and password for every activity, you will have several accounts to keep track of.

Stella said...

Thanks for that heads-up advice. I plan to do just that.

liz said...

Since this is very new to me I appreciate comments such as Jacqueline's. Thanks.

hlo said...

I'm starting on Week 6 and I cannot access the 12 minute tutorial. The website says:
ERROR: This blog is on hold because its bandwidth has been exceeded. Please contact your blog provider.
I am not sure if this is a temporary problem or not, has anyone else been able to view the tutorial?

Stella said...

So I'm at marylandlibrariessandbox, trying to add my blog's url, and I can't find the WORLD/CHAIN ICON on the TOOLBAR. Am I blind, or what?

ann said...

Yes, print out a binder and put your passwords/logins on it.
It is easy to have your discovery exercise on a printed page as you toggle between screens.

JaAnBe said...

On attempting to work through the optional component of Thing 8, I was stumped. The tabs on my bloglines screen are Feeds, Blog, Clippings, Playlists, Forums, and Search. Not a Share in sight. Jennifer Howell suggested that I scroll down on the lefthand frame and there it was. When you click on "Share" at the very bottom you are taken to the Blogrolls page.

Lindabeekeeper said...

Hi, I've completed the 23 things and have been blogging tips for folks who need a little help. My Blog is

Look for the blogs entitled Hints from the Hive. So far, I have blogs on:

Tracking your URLs

Bookmarking your blog so you can find it again

The 9 billion names of blog--are you confused about user names, blog names etc.

Bogged down in Bloglines--inserting your blogroll in your blog.

As I add things, I'll try to note it here.

Good luck everyone.

DebbieSR said...

Another Tip on how to keep your different account information handy. Everytime I creat a new account I make sure I copy and past the pertinent information into a draft email to myself. That way they are all in one place.

Lori said...

Does anyone know how to change the border color around you blog? I tried and was unsucessful. I just want a border color. I went to customize and picked color but it did not work. Thanks, Lori H.

Mary said...

I printed out the 23 things list so that I could read what I had to do and not keep looking back

Jaye Holly said...

There are some great videos on You Tube from Commoncraft about web 2.0 technologies. They have titles like "Wikis in Plain English" or "RSS in Plain English". I highly recommend that you check them out. They are the simplest explanations of these tools that I have ever seen, and they are done in a clever, fun way.